Friday, December 5, 2008

`Jamuan Raya 5C SMKTD 2008`

a feelin jas like yesterday v celebrated d jamuan raya SMKTD 2008.. but,1 month has flied away jas like dat.. all of u no,v had fun 2 d max! lolx.. an un4getable jamuan raya in TD.. i think no 1 has eva wrote bout d jamuan.. so,i've decided 2 write sumthin bout it.. don wonder y im writin now.. as i said,was bz wit xamz n only now i hav plenty of time 2 write & write & write.. where shall i start from? lolx.. well,i'll start from d mornin v came n arranged d tables.. haha.. n d home cooked food d malays brought from home.. to tell d truth,i was actually keepin an eye of d chicken rendang n d nasi lemak.. (if i've not mistaken,it shud b naz'z nasi lemak) hehe.. i luv his nasi lemak actually! dats not d end.. der were many infact.. wht i can rememba d best is alvin's mom's cake! yummy! yummy! i luved dat cake.. superlicious! bout dat cake asso,i still remember feedin ma bestie by my mouth 2 her mouth! lolx.. v seriously had fun! d nex was when jingli's sparkling wine which was hawt in market! lolx.. everybody wanted 2 drink dat! but wht a pity,v were lackin of dat wine.. v had only 3 bottlez! guess wht! d oder taicho fellerz were bz askin us y didn v bring alcohol n liquor! lolx.. if ony i knew dey wanted.. wht a fun! haizz.. d best moment was d photography session man! waaaalaaaoo! postz by postz.. picz by picz.. cameraz by cameraz.. (both camz & hpz) fuuuuuuh! flashes of snapshotz were evrywhr in clazz! d best moment in 5C.. guess wht guyz! my hp switched off suddenly while i was bz capturin picz of dem.. (battery got t0o weak) luckily,my fren cud bluetooth me all d remainin picz.. :) a reminder 4 u'll.. ~ make sure ur batteriez r full charged when u'll r gonna use d camera 4 sumthin important.. or else u'll b endin up like me.. lolx.. ~ afta d capturin session was d eatin session! lolx.. no need 2 tell bout diz i think.. by now u'll shud no d.. when it cums 2 eatin.. lolx lolx lolx lolx lolx.. k k.. eatin is also important 2 keep us goin rite.. so,i think i got 2 laugh a lil ny.. evryone i saw was njoyin d food.. haha.. wallopin evrythin dey cud! & dat was when i knew ppl really cud eat & im a very poor eater compared 2 dem! no joke! hmmm.. dat was when SIR came in.. SIR started lecturin as normal.. hehe.. he told us not 2 4get him,not 2 cry when v r about 2 leave TD,always say a HI 2 him wheneva v met him sumwhre in town or wht & bla bla bla.. haizz.. SIR has neva left us a day witout lecturin! hehe.. sumtimes its funny.. he crackz jokes involvin all of us.. sumtimes its really damn blady bored! u no wht,i hav even slept in class durin his time! alah,kalo dok kat blakan n dgr citer2 yg memborinkan,sape jer yg tak tertido kan? ish ish ish.. haizz.. whteva n howeva was life in skul.. sweet memories such as dat neva faded.. all of u r fresh in ma mind! u'll can neva b 4gotten ezyly..

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