Friday, December 5, 2008

`My First Day`

ermmm.. finally started bloggin d.. been tellin all diz while 2 my frenz.. sum even urged me 2 start writin months ago.. well,SPM was on by den.. n now since its over & m done wit skul,i find days r gettin so damn bored.. i prefer skul life! im missin ma frenz! skul! frenly teacherz! no more gettin lectured by annoyin teacherz.. no more skippin skul & classes illegally.. no more eatin in dat skul canteen.. (missin mee soup,nasi lemak,nasi goreng,nasi ayam,mee hai lam & my favourite milo ais) no more lepakin at sum `happenin` spotz in skul.. haizz.. i jas spent 4 solid years in TD.. but d effect is as though i completed my primary studies too in dat skul.. wooooww! memories r not 1 or 2.. der r many.. n dat is one of my strongest reason y i wanted 2 write.. n another thing is i cant stop writin when i hav started.. hehe.. my language master in skul used 2 cry 2 me 4 diz! :) well,u'll shud no too.. der r many things 2 write n so it keepz flowin.. & no 1 can stop dat rite! hmmm.. sittin in fron of ma pc n typin whteva i feel like tellin out.. im feelin bored! though,v get 2 meet frenz outside.. jas a call or two,askin dem 2 cum 2 our lepakin spot,meetin dem up,playin poker in a mamak stall,havin fun meetin d best homies afta so long.. nuthins like skul life! ~ missin d morninz i used 2 complete my commerce! haizz.. 4-5 essayz in jas 1 day! d teacher mus b really mad! luckily,frenz r quite harworkin.. hehe.. wanna break my secret! i used 2 copy dem! lolx.. it was really fun! d morninz i used 2 study 4 examz like a mad gal.. (a very bad habit i hav,to study a week b4 xam) lolx.. THANK GOD i didn do dat 4 my SPM.. hehe.. d hours i used 2 study 4 xamz in class.. haizz.. thinkin bek how it was at dat time,i can only afford 2 laugh n call myself silly now.. :) hmmm.. no more tensionz as b4.. no more crackin headz like how i used 2 do when itz xam time! no more xam fever.. (m talkin bout time bein) can i get diz kinda satisfaction bek? obviously NO! will b really mizzin skul life! i cant blif dat im alredy done wit skul,assembliez,homeworkz,teacherz & d most of all.. ~uniformz~! lolx.. m sure everyone hates uniform n so do me.. finally done wit all! wht a relieve.. haizz.. tummy'z edy makin lotza noise.. & b4 dey strike,i think i betta go fill dem up 1st.. lolx.. kip updatin urselves aite.. will b writin more & more as time cumz.. take care.. hav a nice day ahead.. (^_^)

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