Saturday, December 6, 2008


ladies n gentlemen;
lets we share out our sweet memorie's here;
1.write ur unforgetble momment when u'r entering this 4c n 5c(it can be either sweet or non sweet memories..if both is perfect)

2.list down ur best fwen name;(only for 4c or 5c student)

3.list down ur like n dislike teachers.

4.leave down ur contat num so other students can still keep in touch v u guys; (dont worry to leave down here,because i hav private aredy this group guys.

5.write ur wish to all 5c students n our daddy (mr azlan)

btw,merdeka to eveybody~hehehe


ma answerz 4 diz survey:
1. i hav lotza chwit memoriez actually thru out 2007 & 2008 in both 4C & 5C.. which 1 2 write? errmm,okie.. i'll write d best okiez.. obviously,when v had our jamuan raya 2008.. dat was d best! masyarakat majmuk 5C SMKTD man! (do see ma 5C JAMUAN RAYA ALBUM in ma profile too) OH YEA! winnin d kelas paling terkotor 4 so many times continously witout fail weekly! wooow.. v really rocked TD guyz! & of coz.. not 4gettin smtg funny! lolx.. i cant stop laughin wheneva i tot of d skul administratorz who wanted 2 sponsor us (only d selected 4 'poor' studentz!) our skul uniform.. lolx lolx lolx lolx lolx.. a pair will jas cost less than RM 20.. & d skul tot v cudn afford dat muc.. OMG! d biggest joke in ma life.. v were jas wonderin y on earth dey wanted 2 sponsor us.. afta thinkin 4 a while,only den i realized y.. guess y! in d maklumat diri pelajar,i lied bout ma dadz occupation n pay! lolx.. whr on earth ppl in nowadayz life work 4 ONLY RM 600 as a lorry driver? lolx.. but,i did it! lolx lolx lolx lolx lolx lolx lolx..

2. hahaha.. best fwenz huh.. no! no! no! it'll take me hourz 2 write if i were 2 write d 36 namez asso.. hehe.. all of u r unique in ur own way & style.. luv u'll alwayz!

3. errrmmm.. i hav lotz 2 write bout diz.. but,since d anak-anak emas of sum kepalaz r hir,im purposely gonna highlite dier namez! starts wit d 1 i really hate.. here it goes:
i. obviously,BLADY ZAKARIA!
ii. d nex will b,non oder than d ASSHOLE HASNI!
iii. not 4gettin d lady koop teacher! i dono whtz her name exactly.. but she drives a marron toyota hilux.. XXX 7647..
iv. as d list goes on,d nex is d CHAPATHI FACED HASHIMAH! damn i tell u guyz! shit man!

cumin 2 d teachers i luv.. hehe.. i'll pick d best aite.. hir it goes:
i. who else can diz teacher b if its not d most diciplined,luvin,caring & punctual PN LEE YAM YEE.. honestly speakin,i really luved each n every lesson of herz.. wished if she taught us all d subjectz.. hehe..
ii. CIKGU SAMSUDDIN will b my nex choice.. he is one of d most carin BSMM adviser i eva came accross.. he is jas willin 2 do anythin 4 his studentz.. & i was his ahli dedikasi BSMM SMKTD 2008.. (sum oderz 4m our class too got dat honour)
iii. EN ZORI is d best! hehe.. though he lookz like 1 kind.. hehe.. but,he is d best at givin notes! u'll no y.. his notes r so damn short n ezy 2 understand asso.. missed him afta 2006.. he was my KHB - KT sir..
iv. hir cumz SIR! SIR,wonder nex year u'll b missin us or not.. hehe.. u were d BEST FORM TEACHER in TD! no doubt!
v. SIR PALA,hehe.. walkin tall evrywhr.. d sir who guided me 4 public speakin.. n always called out my name in skul almost evrywhr he sees me.. hehe..
hey guyz,derz alot 2 write.. i think i hav 2 stop hir.. as u'll can see,d list is jas flowin rite! n im d 1 will neva stop writin.. hehe..

4. contact num is alredy in our class CD guyz.. (try not givin out numz hir,out group isn private)

5. well,wishin sumthin 4 5C.. hmmmm.. v r all separated physically,but i hope mentally v r not.. & v will not.. v started n ended 2getha.. so,lets hope 4 d best 4 everyone of us.. all d best in ur future undertakingz! neva giv up.. kip workin hard.. ;p gonna mizz ur stupid trickz & stuffz ull used 2 do in class! :p

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